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Lucille's rough draft to the department of beaches and parks pleading to create Redwood National Park.

1972.01.24-25 Insert.jpg
A series of journal entries written in January by Lucille Vinyard on a separate piece of paper. Included in her 1972 journal as an insert.

1969.06.11-12 Insert 7.jpg
Image of Lucille Vinyard in an unknown location, found in 1969 journal, 11 June.

Lucille's journal entry

Questions and Answers012.jpg
Lucille documented her trip to Europe as well as work on her stateside which followed the trip.

1969 Back inside cover insert 1.1.jpg
Typed journal passages of Lucille Vinyard 1968. Found as an insert in her 1969 Journal. Back inside cover.

Map on the back of a letter inserted into the journal between the pages of 23 March and 24 March
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