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Old Growth Redwoods of Humboldt County [Checked]
A detailed hand-drawn map of the old growth-forests in both Humboldt County and the United States. The document tracks the dwindling forests in 1620, 1850, and present.

Questions and Answers002.jpg
A list of questions and answers provided by the California Redwood Association

A notice of recommendation to the Commonwealth Club of California.

Lucille Vineyard planting a tree.

Four women pose by a "Save the Redwoods" banner displayed on an automobile. Man in driver's seat.

Questions and Answers010.jpg
A perspective of how the 1906 earthquake impacted a child and the carryover through adult hood. (Specifically Irene Trichilo.

Vinyard Bib Box 10.jpg
Photographs and newspaper clippings from Lucille Vinyard's Collection

Summary of Baron Alexander Von Humboldt.
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