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#35 July, 1976.jpg
Originally a color positive slide out of the Six Rivers National Forest box. Photographer listed on the box as Name Here. . .

Lower Redwood Creek trail 08-1975.jpg
Image of the Lower Redwood Creek trail taken in August, 1975.

Map on the back of a letter inserted into the journal between the pages of 23 March and 24 March

Redwood Needles  - Lucille Vineyard's Legacy.jpg
This is an article celebrating Lucille Vinyard's life and works.

Lucille Vinyard and Susie Van Kirk Newspaper cover.JPG
These are articles from EcoNews on Vinyard and Van Kirk

#23 July, 1976.jpg
This is a scanned image of a positive film slide in the Vinyard collection

This is Lucille Vinyard's personal daily journal from 1980, located in the Humboldt Room

ScreenShot of RNP Video.png
Local citizens, Lucille Vinyard and Dave van Der Mark interviewed for local KEET tv
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