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Lucille's rough draft to the department of beaches and parks pleading to create Redwood National Park.

Lucille's Letter to Secretary of the Interior Stewart Lee Udall.

Old Growth Redwoods of Humboldt County [Checked]
A detailed hand-drawn map of the old growth-forests in both Humboldt County and the United States. The document tracks the dwindling forests in 1620, 1850, and present.

A colored map of current and original growth of redwood forests in CA.

Lucille's account of the moon landing as well as her work.

Redwood National and State Parks sign (Competed)
A color photograph of the Redwood National and State Park sign.

This is a photograph of President Nixon giving a speech to a sizable audience at Lady Bird Grove.

Letter written by Lucille Vinyard talking about encouraging others to visit national parks.

Henry Fairfield Osborne
This is a photo portrait of Henry Fairfield Osborne, founder of the Save the Redwoods League.
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